zzz.jpggtge.jpg General recruitment rules and regulations adopted by Hanza Marine ManagementGeneral requirements for seafarers:
* Qualified in accordance with the requirements of STCW 1978/1995
* proficient in English
* medically fit
* duly trained and experienced to operate assigned vessels

The documents required:
* Reference (or any other documents from your previous employer, attesting to your recent experience)
*Seaman’s Book / Passport
*Civil Passport / International Passport

For Officers -
* National License and endorsement (it should be valid at least for next 12 months from date of application).
* STCW – 95 certificates (Medical aid, survival techniques, fire fighting, etc.)
* Medical Book with International certificate enclosed
* Vaccination certificates – yellow fever, cholera
* GMDSS (for deck officers)
* ARPA & Radar training certificate (for deck officers)
* Tankerman or LPG certificate / endorsement – for specific vessels

For Ratings –
* AB, Motorman or Electrician certificate.