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2nd Officer Mikhailo Mironyuk
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) awarded Norbulk Shipping Ltd. / Hanza Marine Management Ltd. seafarer – 2nd Officer Mikhailo Mironyuk from Odessa, with the 2019 IMO AWARD FOR EXEPTIONAL BRAVERY AT SEA.
The vessel was hijacked by pirates armed with AK-47, knifes and machetes in Gulf of Guinea West Africa. After approximately 2 days of sailing the vessel under control of pirates arrived to Niger Delta, Nigeria. Pirates left vessel with 12 crew members in total including Master and Chief Officer.
2nd Officer Mikhailo Myroniuk left on board with 2nd Engineer and 8 Filipino ratings and remains to be in highest rank from deck officers who remains on board and only one Navigation officer. He was able to navigate vessel from Nigerian waters to refuge port Lome. His technical knowledge was at the level allowing to restore telephone and internet communication on board after destroy. After that, he was able to contact company, nearest authorities and establish contact with French navy. Mykhailo Myroniuk shows him as brave man, able to maintain order on board the vessel and able keep panic of the remaining crew under control.
Moreover, thanks to his professionalism and knowledge we avoided huge oil pollution, great disaster for the whole area marine environment. Position where the vessels was stopped by pirates and left, was very close to shore dangers.
Note, that Mykhailo became the first Ukrainian who receive such an award in 13 years of its existence.
Hanza Marine Management and Norbulk Shipping UK staff congratulate Mikhailo and proud to have such hero in the pool!